Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My 10th Birthday!

In april I turned 10, and it was the best birthday party ever. It was a tea party fit for a princess! All my best friends were there, Annie, Nerlian, Victoria, and my sister Lena. First we hung out at my house and chilled out. Next we drove all the way to the tea house. Then we ordered tea. After that we went and got hats and gloves. And then I opened gifts, a little doll, two hand bags, clothes, and jewelery. We had a lot of good food and tea.

Check out these pictures:


  1. I think you all look lovely!! What a great way to spend your birthday. Maybe we can talk your mom into doing it again and this time I can come too. Keep posting!

  2. Sweet! Happy birthday! My little sister just turned 11 on the 15th.